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Jean-Yves Boulin

Associate Researcher

IRISSO-University Paris Dauphine

Vice-president of Tempo Territorial

I am a sociologist specializing in the fields of work, employment, and the various social dimensions of time. Since 1980, I have been actively engaged in extensive research on time issues at both national and international levels, examining their influence on labour organization, working conditions, and the work-life balance for individuals. My primary focus lies in the comparative analysis of working time regulations, including a life course perspective. Additionally, I conduct research on the implementation of new working-time models at the organizational level, exploring their impacts on working conditions, work-life balance, and how households and individuals allocate their time. For the past two decades, my research has also delved into Local Time Policies and the Social Organization of Time. Currently, I serve as an expert in the Barcelona Time Use Initiative (BTUI)’s Expert Lab and a French association on time policies.


Regarding the 4-day workweek, in recent months, I have conducted approximately 50 in depth qualitative interviews with employees who transitioned to a 4-day/32-hour workweek across three French companies. Additionally, I have just completed a literature review assessing the impacts of working time reduction (well-being, employment, productivity, environment, etc.), with a specific emphasis on the 4-day workweek as part of an EU pilot project.

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